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I Not Stupid (2002)

Drama Comedy PG

Jack Neo, Yun Xiang, Richard Low

🤖 Reason: A satirical comedy-drama that uses Hokkien language to depict the education system in Singapore.

881 (2007)

Comedy Drama Musical N/A

Yuwu Qi, Mindee Ong, Yann Yann Yeo

🤖 Reason: A Hokkien musical film about the Papaya Sisters, who dream of becoming famous Getai singers.

Money No Enough (1998)

Comedy N/A

Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Henry Thia

🤖 Reason: A popular Hokkien language film that deals with societal issues in Singapore.

Ah Boys to Men (2012)

Comedy N/A

Tosh Zhang, Weiliang Wang, Noah Yap

🤖 Reason: A Hokkien language film about the lives of military recruits in Singapore.

12 Lotus (2008)

Drama N/A

Ling Ling Liu, Mindee Ong, Yuwu Qi

🤖 Reason: A Hokkien musical film that tells the tragic story of a Getai singer.