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The Club (1980)

Comedy Drama Sport PG

Jack Thompson, Graham Kennedy, Frank Wilson

🤖 Reason: A classic Australian film that explores the politics and personal dynamics of an Aussie Rules football club.

The Final Winter (2007)

Drama Sport N/A

Matt Nable, Nathaniel Dean, Matthew Johns

🤖 Reason: A film about the changing culture of Aussie Rules football during the 1980s.

Australian Rules (2002)

Drama Romance Sport N/A

Nathan Phillips, Luke Carroll, Lisa Flanagan

🤖 Reason: A film that uses Aussie Rules football as a backdrop to explore racial tensions in a small Australian town.

Footy Legends (2006)

Comedy Drama Sport N/A

Anh Do, Angus Sampson, Lisa Saggers

🤖 Reason: A comedy about a group of friends who form a football team in order to win a competition.

Blinder (2013)

Drama Romance Sport N/A

Oliver Ackland, Jack Thompson, Zoe Carides

🤖 Reason: A film about a former Aussie Rules football star who returns to his hometown and confronts his past.